Refill station

                 REFILL STATION

   Backyard Gas grilling is not just for summer anymore. With the changing way of families cooking, 75% of adults in the U.S. own a gas grill with the average person using a grill two times a week. And with all that grilling, you are going to need your tank refilled!

      Bring your grill bottle over to our refill station            

  Located in the Kleen-Rite Car Wash

          506 S. 16th street Columbia,Pa. 17512

We are located in the Kleen-rite car wash. We make it easy for you to pull up to the tank cage where our friendly staff will help you with your fill. And while you are there you can get your car washed! 

                     We truly are a one stop service center!

                                        Open Daily 9 -6