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 Best Price Propane of Columbia is your source for all your tank needs. Whether you are looking to get a new tank installed at your home or workshop we can help you decide what size tank is best for you! 

Are you considering getting a bigger tank for your house? The best time to generally buy propane is during the summer months. With a bigger tank, you can buy low in the summer and have enough propane to last you  through the winter months. 

More people are buying generators for their homes as a back up source of power. A bigger tank is necessary to keep the generator running as it will use more propane till the power comes back on. 

Whatever your needs we can help you!

Please call us and we will be glad to talk to you and give you prices on our tanks and installation costs. 

Contact Jill McKonly  in our office today! 



120 Gallon/420 lb.

500 Gallon underground

500 Gallon above ground

1000 Gallon above ground

1000 Gallon underground

Please call the office and speak with our Tank Specialist, Jill McKonly. Jill will be happy to talk to you about what tank size is best suited for you and give you an idea of costs involved. We will also be able to get you lined up with our Installer and if need be, an Excavator .

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